Saturday, 11 June 2011

Grey Redemption paying some bills

Grey Redemption is paying some bills. That’s right I got my first royalty cheque in the mail. I wasn’t expecting one for a few more months, as they like to wait four to six for the first one to do the quasi-accounting math that is required.  It was more than I expected and less than I dreamt about but as many of you know I dream big.  Nice way to cover some of the bills doing the jet set thing around the globe.
Ever notice that the devil hangs on your shoulder much more strongly than the angel? Driving home the other day highlighted this for me.  A bear cub ran out onto the road in a tight corner while I was speeding home. I slammed on the brakes and sure enough the little angel on my shoulder did the bug splat on the window. Left with only the devil I took the tight inside line and the bitch started to protest. Her ass drifting out past the shoulder, tires ripping at the green belt along the edge of the road. I gave her a few more inches and the shriek turned into a guttural roar and she straightened out. Once again saved by the devil on my shoulder while the safer, more prudent one had to reconstitute herself.
How are these two divergent paragraphs connected? Other than being on the same page? Well in this way. If I had listened to the safer option I would never have taken the risk to write such a different book. Really? Raunchy sex in a military thriller? Are you kidding me? Yet people like it. They like that Rhys Munroe brings them along for the whole ride and not just parts of it. They like getting a peek into the alpha male world and are made more comfortable because Rhys has baggage. A plane full of baggage! Great reviews on Chapters and Amazon by people whom have bought the book and truth be told I DON’T KNOW! A few friends have said they will post a review yet only one has. Not a complaint I know everyone has very busy lives and posting a review takes some time.
I have a little more news too. The BIG official book signing for Canada will be at the Langley Chapters on 200th street. It is scheduled for the 6th of August. So mark your calendars and come out and say hello. You don’t have to buy the book from the store to have me sign it and I have some cool swag to give away as well. In addition to this signing I am also included in the Surrey International Writers Conference book signing as well. That is on October 22. The Book Fair is held in the Fraser Room from 5:30 to 7:00 pm on Saturday evening. The book should be available at the Chapters during the conference. You don’t have to be attending the conference to come to the book fair although I encourage you to do so if you want to be part of one of the best shows on the planet! Really! I have been to London and New York and this is by far the best!
Now to finish the Blog, on to the writing. I have wanted to catch up on some reading and I can’t write and read at the same time. So my project has been on the shelf while I finished Brett Easton Ellis’s Imperial Bedrooms and all of Robert McCammon’s books. Brett went back to his original style and voice for Bedrooms and I loved it.  Gritty and unrepentant novel that screamed Ellis. McCammon has been a little more difficult as I love his horror. In fact when I first read Boys Life I kept waiting for the monster to show itself. This is not to say by any stretch that I am not enjoying these period books as I most certainly am. McCammon is just the best horror writer on the planet and his skills in dialogue are second to none. I loved the hemp-smoking doctor and magistrate scene immensely! But my copy of Five is yet to arrive! I hope I get a first printing version! In fact I looked for it in four stores in the US on my recent trip and could find none. I was willing to buy two just to make sure I got a first printing as I am sure this will put him back on the NYC bestsellers list! Where he most certainly belongs!  

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