Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Mechanics of Love.

Hey Everyone,
So much for me staying up to date on my blog. I see a few have dropped off the reading list and a few more joined. Welcome to all. So if your looking for an animated and fun read about the pro's and cons of the new 6.8 cartridge your going to be sadly disappointed. 

Is love being the only boy invited to your 10-year-old classmates birthday? Or is it wanting to follow your husband to the grave after 65 years? Neither of these situations have I had the pleasure or pain of experiencing. This is not to say that I've not felt love. I believe I have felt love and not only the fleeting "falling in love" and "brotherly love". But real love. It is sacrifice and understanding, understanding the perspective of a creature you can't understand. It  is believing the unbelievable and forgiving the unforgivable, it is to look and see past all the imperfections to truly view the soul of another human being and to become comfortable with that view. It is a trading of priorities. By this I mean it is the attempt to place your priorities beside or slightly  behind that of the person you love, while they attempt to do the same for you. It is a beautiful and difficult ballet to pull off, and I believe it is why two out of three marriages fail but educated people still engage in the folly. Because when it works nothing comes close to the joy it brings, equally, like most things in life, nothing comes close to the anguish it brings when it is out of sync and the pain when fails. I don't mean stray  into an area better served by poets and songwriters but perhaps following in my dad's footsteps as a Millwright. Talking about the mechanics of love. Yeah I guess that's what I'm doing, and in that a title. The mechanics of love.

Rhys Munroe, the main player in Grey Redemption holds firmly onto the notion to never get involved with someone you wouldn't walk away from in thirty minutes or less. He changes towards that magical connection we all  look for, and most fail. 

Happy Valentines Day. 

For a great video on 6.8 ballistics look up Davidkxx on Youtube with the search string 6.8. Great video. Problem is you can't find the rounds in any monkey strewn dictatorship worth kicking the shit out of. 


  1. Well I got unfriended from someone very special as a result of this one so I guess it had an impact, Thanks SP Writing from the heart and honest. To all those its working for, love not my writing, GIVER! LOL! tis the season!

  2. Good post. Here's to dead cupids and near harrasment complaints as a result (pre-scent free environment). You need to tell that story, boudoir dingle balls and all.