Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The New Year

    The Christmas holiday season has come and gone, unless your Russian. It is hard enough to find the time to write and more difficult making the time to write. I've said it before being a storyteller is more about discipline than anything else! Four hours a day, everyday, each week, and month! It helps if you have some creativity, something to say, and a little writing skills. Well how little skills is enough is I guess my true claim to fame!

    So what has been going on in my world. Not enough discipline! My personal SELF discipline to sit and write each day has been lacking. It has been quite a while since I have made the time to update my blog and my typing speed and accuracy is to say a little frustrating. Usually my odd typing style and keyboard awkwardness pair well with the flow of ideas and mesh in a totally disabled and workable way. Not so anymore. The backspace and edit is being employed far more ofter than it should. This screams loud and clear my absence from the keyboard is as obvious as the extra notch in my belt that I need to do a few things differently!! Yes I know double exclamations provides more insight in to my lack of proper writing skills. But I wanted to shout loudly and lack the fonts! Wouldn't that be a great new invention? Fonts that show tone, emotion, and inflection? It would sure clear up a great deal of issues with Texting. "Great Book" written in bookman, or in sarcastic, would now be totally clear!

    I mention this as my Twitter followers just went over 29k and keeping up is one thing, but understanding what someone meant  in so few characters without a selective font can be a challenge. So too can be what I should say. With so many followers it behoves me, I feel, to tweet something interesting! "Making bacon wrapped egg rolls  with fresh scallions" just wont cut it anymore. I guess my guerrilla marketing and getting a few press mentions creates its own issues.

   Thanks for reading and sharing this experience with me. I will be writing more and attempting to keep my blog interesting and up to date. I'll work on the tweets as well! LOL! All the best to all of you for this year.

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