Sunday, 28 April 2013

Dreaming about VEGAS

    Musing on Vegas is like daydreaming in Technicolor. Rarely does it happen, and when it does you really believe you should seek therapy. So can Sin City be therapeutic? Well,  I believe it can. I love Vegas, been many times, and it can be anything you need it to be. Like a good shrink it can challenge your heartfelt beliefs and shake your overconfidence, in a heartbeat. It can be the cruel Schoolmaster you need but never knew you did, or it can be a gentle caring Muse. Made garish and cheap with neon, but beautiful more in your ability to see past this distraction. Life is as such made up of these moments. The moments between the dashes, as I have heard it said. Scott D. Covey Born 1965----.

    I guess for me the most rewarding experiences or moments between the dashes are those we don’t expect, or see past the distracting obvious. I have had a great deal of obvious distractions. It is the reason I keep apologising for not keeping up with my blog. Life just gets in the way.  Perhaps more honestly the choices one makes end up getting in the way. When these choices end up getting in the way of experiences life takes a back seat to the reality of this choice.

    So amidst the ringing of bells and the cacophony of humanity the mind is forced to focus and in that focus, one can often discover an enlightened perspective impossible to find in normal life. Unless, I guess, you devote years to meditation and reflection. The plane ticket is easier or as I like to say more modernly efficient. But a warning is in order here, two to be precise. Within these Zen like and alcohol  enhanced states care should be applied in order to insure you don’t walk toward where you think you need to be; or get hit by a car along the way. So powerful are some revelations that they put you at grave risk whilst you roll about in them.
Vegas is a place where time doesn’t exist, in the same form, as it does everywhere else. It is a reflection of this time between the dashes. Scott D. Covey flight 287 arriving 1310---. But unlike life you know when the dash ends, your flight home.

    So within this reflection of life’s mirror and these musing about a fantasy oasis, we see a parallel. Some go to it to acquire money, while the wise go for the experiences, and wisdom she can share.   

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