Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Project August update and Challenge

Hey! Ok this is going to be a short little update blog. A tease for something larger, a virtual “Coming Soon” to a blog you read. I have been working with a very talented new web designer and tech. The added traffic that was going to my two websites I had with GoDaddy made it a nice victim for a hijack. It got corrupted by a Belgium Malware company. When I contacted Godaddy they tried to sell me a site protection plan. I didn't do any SQL commands or data on the site so for me it was pretty obvious the site had been hacked and not by any failure on my part so why should I pay more money to have it protected? This didn't make any real sense from a consumer level. I get it makes sense from a corporate level. SO now GoDaddy will have to use someone else’s money to make those sexy ads. The site is hosted on much faster servers and is now cross platform compatible so it will work on all the devices that go to my site. Speaking of the site I reactivated my Facebook account and my author page now has over 15,000 "Likes". The things that happen when you’re not paying attention! I also got involved in KC Dyer's #ProjectAugust. Getting involved in the last week! Hey I like pressure! So my #ProjectAugust goal was to get a new server farm and website migrated and up to a new secure place. So that goal is achieved and done. The second part of that goal was to publish a blog about Post traumatic Stress Disorder for Canadian First Responders. So will I make this goal? If I do KC has generously committed to donating one of her wonderful books to a devastated library! So I have to do my best, and I will! I have after all a title. A Walk in the Garden with PTSD.

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