Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The first post from the other side of the Ring.

   So life is settling down to the regular pattern of things you have to do, things that you need to do, and things that need doing. Intermixed is the obvious stuff I should be writing. I have a great excuse my very old and most favourite Mac is having issues. I know what is causing it now but making the time to take it offline for a few days to get it fixed is an issue. I upgraded my HD to an SSD and they, whom in the past were awesome, spliced into one of my fan lines for power and so now I overheat and freeze. Makes it difficult to write. Frustration is not something you want during the creative process.

   Married life is treating me well. We are in a state of flux as plans call for a big move and downsizing of non essential stuff. Now downsizing isn't new for me at all. In fact I have downsized a great deal already. But like most things in life there is downsizing and then there is DOWNSIZING. I need to pack my life up into two 25 kilo cubes of very specific measurements. So it is a great deal different than moving from a house to an apartment. But if I am to be honest the experience is very liberating. What is a must keep, should keep, like to keep, and can't live without. Then evaluate and reengineer the space and start again. To say it is a exercise in being frugal is like comparing a Lambo to a Kia. Kind of not on the same planet. But it progresses slowly and this old 17 powerbook will be replaced by a new 13 inch soon and so that drops me x kilos....Daunting!

   Russian New Years. For those readers that are not Russian, suffice to say it happens at a different time but; "when in rome". So this celebration is held on the first like our own. But unlike ours it is most certainly a knock down drag out party. The sense is how you bring in the new year will dictate how your year will be. The better the party the better the year to follow. Follow? Ok so this event has pressure on it from the start. Well, it was an epic event. Full of drinking, dancing, and general wishes for an awesome year. Oddly it was spent meeting new people, with different customs all with the same goal. An accurate reflection of our year to come. It started at 6pm and went till 6am, time spent filled with food, vodka, brandy, friends, dancing, and culture. The only casualty of the evening was my under trained liver. Seems my abstinence of late left me woefully disadvantaged, and when I awoke it let me know it wasn't happy. But the liver is evil and should be punished!

   I got to see a good number of friends over the holidays and miss a great deal more. Time has always been a thief yet as things move quickly along it seems to be more of one. I try to keep up a little bit using the inadequate tools afforded us with social media. But I will endeavor to make more time to see everyone. Going to be a long trip to see anyone next year! So with that promise or perhaps resolution made I will leave you to your own lives.

  Have a great year everyone!

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