Monday, 16 May 2016

Launches, failures to launch, and success.

   When you start to write a book, you usually approach the project with vim and vigor. Technically speaking you have already made your first mistake. It isn't a book till it receives an ISBN number. It is called a Manuscript or MSS. That day was a long time ago for Redemption's Bullet. It started with a vote on Facebook, asking fans and friends if they wanted a sequel or prequel. During the MSS process, I left my full-time job and joined the ranks of the retired. I had to let my old friend and dialog critic go to cat heaven. The furry fury aptly named The Piker was 18 and in considerable pain daily. This rationale did not make that act easy. Perhaps the hardest decision of my life. Then I packed everything I owned into a single suitcase and moved halfway around the world to Russia. Yes, this all done while devoting 4 hours a day to write Redemption's Bullet and a few more hours to make sure I kept my blog and FB pages current.

My father liked to say; "If it were easy, they wouldn't call you a professional." Life gets in the way of our writing this is certain. But we are professionals, and as such we make the time to apply our energy to the goal of creating an incredible and entertaining story. It took me a long while to finally complete this task started so many years ago. I learned a great deal about grammar and the technology needed to push the books envelope and stay inside the lines of believable. I know this is a much stronger story because of these things than my first. We all make mistakes with our first attempts. We, professionals, get better, because of those mistakes.

Because I made the choice to keep this sequel inside a price point easily enjoyed by everyone I've had to apply this shoestring model to the marketing and advertising. This is something new I had to learn as well. I think the ad campaign has been successful, and I hope entertained you as well. I say I think it has been successful because it is too early to tell how many books have been sold. It will also be impossible to determine which ad was successful in making people aware of the new book. The numbers look large and those engaged past the like or act of watching the videos were good. But when you get to wise age numbers you know what you know, and you're even more aware of what you don't. I don't know marketing and advertising, and so I guess I will have to wait to see if I am provided more lessons to learn from. Youtube Channel

Book promotion seems to be a new cottage industry on Twitter. So much so that I have had to delete a few groups I follow as I was getting too many "This the GREATEST book I've read this month." When you get three such tweets from the same person, you have to wonder.

Redemption's Bullet got it's first review and while I know we typing monkeys are told not to read reviews who actually doesn't? Perhaps Stephen King. But, I doubt many others don't. I saw four stars and thought why not five? I thought why not five not because I have a huge ego and think it deserves five. I thought what could I have done better? I thought how did I not live up to the readers expectations. The comments did not shed any light on the why. Perhaps it was the change from the first person to global? I arrived at this because I am not Stephen King and can easily go back through my reviews and read his last one in the first book.

The early release of the book also served to put a fire under my ass to get a new website created. I hate website creation and all that goes with it. Tactical mind talking to the practical designer on a virtual shared persona. It was hard, frustrating, and not without drama. But I learned a little more of life's little lessons and got past it all. Scott D. Covey is live.Scott D Covey

I wanted to make the site more like a lounge or place people could go to see more about me and the books but be light on selling. I find in today's marketing and Ad adventures sites are asking me to buy, or place a deposit, before I've even had a chance to come to a decision if I want to. Now I know this isn't the newest technology smart car and at 2.99 and 9.99 respectively we aren't talking big money. But, still I don't like the trend, so I made the choice not to follow it.

I might have been successful in this regard as I can see the pre-order sales numbers for the Ebook. It releases on the 29th of this month, and I am happy about the number. Ok, OK I will tell you. 96!

Thanks for having faith in me. For waiting as I traveled all over the world to make sure I captured the feel of the place to better bring you along as Rhys hunted and avoided capture. For spending your hard earned cash on a story. For your comments, reviews, and all the learning experiences you my readers, and friends, provided.

My time in the Republic of Georgia is coming to an end. I will miss the great people that call this place home. I've shared some great times here, with truly unique and hospitable people. Georgia is in Redemption's Bullet, and I know because of my experience here it will feature in my writing again.

That is if I ever write another paragraph of publishable prose.

Don't worry. Every writer feels the same way after completing twenty edits and various revisions and rewrites. If they say, they don't. THEY ARE LYING BASTARDS.

Please enjoy Redemption's Bullet responsibly. In no case should you ever try to follow Rhys Munroe as a role model. He is the man that stares down leopards after all.

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