Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Getting used to raving fans and Author crap!!

Ok so what do you do, think, and feel, when one of your favourite authors makes this comment. “Hmmm your book looks interesting I am going to buy it. Will you sign it for me when I come to Surrey this year?” I mean really! We have been tweeting booze recipes back and forth for a while. Since he got on twitter actually. Then this! First thing past the shock of it was OMG I hope he likes it! Said he liked what he could find online, and that it looked interesting. For me this was akin to coming to the realization that you are indeed naked from the waist down in front of the class assembly. God I hope they Like IT!
Terror mixed with walking on cloud nine. Ok this is another new one to get used to. Speaking of getting used to things, people asking me about grammar and spelling.  Ah just a point, writing a book does not suddenly give one a masters in writing.  Have you read it? Tons of grammar and spelling issues! Less now someone has edited it. Would have been much less if my original editor didn’t have a stroke and could have stayed with the project.  Getting used to are you The Scott D. Covey? That one is going to take a long time! The only one in my family with THE in his name is the cat, as in The Piker. Because if you miss that ‘The’ he will go on a killing spree.  He really is that terrifying! So yeah the are you The questions are a little weird. No I am just Scott and yes it would be my honour and privilege to sign my book that you paid your hard earned money to buy. I hope you enjoy the read.
To close I have a pretty busy week so I probably won’t get much time to blog. The American Book Expo is in New York City this week and I have a trip planned to Hawaii directly following. So going to do a little rest and relax and have fun with Crystal, as she is truly The Crystal to me!  The number to be a best seller in Canada is 5000 copies, we apparently are doing very good numbers out of the gate so perhaps I may earn that The yet. Thanks for reading and if I start acting like I have a The in front of my name do feel free to drag me back to reality! 

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