Sunday, 8 May 2011

Timing is perhaps not everything, but perspective is!

Timing. We have all heard the saying; “Timing is everything.” I was thinking about this the other day as I tried to figure out what type of switch I should do to my marketing plan for Grey Redemption.  Change it, leave it alone? I am lucky enough to have professionals and pro opinions, but they are just educated guesses at the end of the day. Then I saw that the Bang Bang Club is being made into a major motion picture! Well, has been made in reality, and will be released soon. William Heinemann first published this in the UK, in 2000. Written by Greg Marinovich, and Joao Silva whom were war photographers in the dirty little hidden war in South Africa.  I have a signed copy, inscribed; “Scott you live this book.”  This timing was eleven years, for the popular industry to get on board. I guess the scabs of that conflict have grown hard enough for us to rub our eyes on it. Most wouldn’t have known anything about it if it weren’t for the Bruce Springsteen song Sun City, written by Van Zandt.  Timing.  Joao Silva said, ”Redemption is living with oneself.” The timing for me to hear that was perfect. That it formed a theme in Grey Redemption was perfect timing again. Course I only saw it for the truth it was looking backwards

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