Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Grey Redemption Book Signing Aug 6, 2 till 5pm

So I finally was able to nail down a start time for the Langley Chapters Canadian book signing. It is a little odd feeling as I have already been to London England and New York releases. Guess Canada will always be a little behind. I am ok with that as whole as it means silly trends tend miss us completely. Or like Software games for the Mac. Usually when we get them the bugs are worked out. Not that the bugs will be worked out of Grey, no second edition yet. But it is fun seeing who sees which errors and responds. I always take the time to answer, perhaps taking the time to point out one they missed. Almost like a tracking system, if the story was tight and moving fast it gets missed, hmmm perhaps something to this. So the day has been set and I posted an 'Event' on Facebook so I can stave off the dreaded author fear of fears. "What if nobody shows?" I have had brave authors tell the story on a few occasions. Sometimes it is bad timing, a missed social holiday. But, no matter the reason it is a devastating experience. The author that writes the SLADE books recounted this, quite bravely I thought at the time. Course I have come to expect this from him now. He goes off script often at the Surrey Writers Conference. Others do too but perhaps not as often. A shout out or plug for a well deserving conference. Best money a writer can spend. You'll learn more in four days than most are capable of absorbing.
Anyway the response has been good on the Event Page and a few more people have searched the Scott D Covey author page and clicked the like button and joined to catch all the updates. Answering emails still takes a couple hours a day. To be truthful I still enjoy most of the emails. some make me wonder. For example I had one person text me that 1000 9mm rounds weigh X while I said they weighed Y. So I went to the closet and pulled out one case and stuck it on the bathroom scale and confirmed I was right. Then I discovered it was a US fan from LA. So that was a quick email, two words, Hollow Points. He wrote back that those are against the Geneva Convention. I answered; "Correct, so is Rhys Munroe."
Drifting back to the book signing and adding the Surrey International Writers Conference I have a event scheduled for that too. Part of this event is a book signing on one evening. Free to the public and is probably one of the easiest ways to meet some of your favorite authors and get them to sign your coffee stained dog eared loves. I encourage you to check out the SIWC webpage and even if your not into attending, see who is presenting, and come out and get a copy signed. We like it and it provides us with the social energy required to keep writing. Remember for the most part we write removed from the social world. In quiet rooms, alone with the madness of the craft shifting and swapping between personalities as our own go neglected by the effort.
For example Rhys Munroe smoked a great deal more cigars than I did at the time of writing. But alone in the dark with him looking at the world through my eyes I started matching his desire. So it was a nice three weeks shaking that monkey off my back. His disposable income for cigars was different too... So many nice Cubans burned in the creation of Grey Redemption!
So that is all the news and goings on from my desk. Keep the opinions and comments coming.

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