Monday, 8 August 2011

Finally Home to Langley and the Canadian Book Signing for Grey Redemption!

    So the big day has come and gone. It is with a little sadness and humbled pride. It was great to meet readers, friends, and fans and interact with people on a personal level. I have been good at keeping up with my email and responses to fans and I was glad I did. Many comments were passed along about how approachable I was and people like the fact that I had in some cases previously chatted, tweeted, blogged, and generally kept up with them! It hasn't been easy. But it was very rewarding to hear. It was great to see many new fans and readers and shake some hands and answer some questions. I met one of the men who were part of the group that set up the Highway of Heroes here on Hwy one just outside of Langley. Very special Group and awesome cause. I told him my book, actually several of them, is in country with our troops and are getting pretty dog-eared! But it is times like these that you really see the picture of how insignificant some personal accomplishments are. Writing a book isn't easy but it is a far cry from coming home to a parade you will never see or hear. Putting ones life on the line for an idea, and a way of life at a time when your own sense of self is hardly developed! I was an Infantry Soldier at the same age as these Heroes and I know I had no idea about my place in the world. I know friends currently in country and the fact Grey Redemption provided them with a little escape means the world to me. 
   I had tried to get into Iraq. I wanted to donate a bunch of books and do an author reading in country to honour these brave men. After 22 years in Federal Service I know jumping through hoops. But in the end the task proved to be too difficult. I needed approval at the Ministerial level, as in his desk. We had just had a cabinet shuffle so I knew this would never happen. So I adapted and overcame the challenge by passing out five books to operators headed into harms way. Two went with Canadians and two with British forces, and one went with a private contractor. They were all told to read and share. I have heard one is now in the base library or reading room and another is held together with 100mph tape! Truly an honour! 
   On the writing side of things. I received so much feedback asking for a prequel I may shelf my current project Footsie and start working on Grey Dawn. I have it outlined and I think I am prepared to let slip the reins on Rhys and let him once again play in the world. I have blogged about how difficult this is as I tend to get immersed in the character and Rhys is a challenge to put away after four thousand words. He tends to affect my own character and Crystal really doesn't like him! He also smokes far to many Cuban cigars for my frail lungs. But at least we each drink about as much! LOL! 
   The Surrey International Writers Conference, or SWIC, is only a few months away. I am so looking forward to learning more and have been looking at the program and wishing I could clone myself as too many overlaps with great presenters force me to make choices I don't want to make! Rhys would bug the place and then listen to the classes he had to miss! 
   That is all for now. Keep reading and keep writing and I will try to do the same! 

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