Friday, 2 September 2011

Summer was late and is now over!

Well another month has begun and while it looks like summer will stick around for a little while I am not taking any bets. Usually I am not so interested in the seasonal transitions but having so much work to do I really missed this summer. I have been trying to write and get a few chapters glued together but I am just not feeling the love. Been trying to hang on the deck for the most part as writing in the sun is so much nicer than being locked away! Lounging in my robe till 3 in the afternoon has most of my neighbors wondering what I do. My cat is also a major distraction almost as much as keeping up with Kindle Boards! You see in Cat World doors operate like they do on Star Trek. They move to the door and it opens and stays open for the time required for the little ball of fuzz to decide if he really wants to come outside. Then saited for the moment without outside pursuits he returns to go in, god help me if I am slow. Cats hate to have their beliefs of the world challenged.
Book sales are going well and I am looking forward to my next royalty check as it will include Canada and the US sales. So should put a larger dent in my promise to buy C a car. Car is already in the drive way so...Come on people read! Just kidding!
So tonight C and I are going to a MMA event out here in the valley. They are usually good fights and VIP front row tickets are only 75 bucks so a bit of an alternative to UFC fights! I may even do some ringside advertising for the next even and an upcoming event in Whitehorse! Seems to be a good match spectator wise.

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