Saturday, 30 April 2011

Writers blocks and various stimulants

One of the tricks I use to avoid writers block is never stop writing at the end of a scene. Take the characters past the natural end and into the next for a paragraph or three and then stop.  You can’t do that with a blog! Which is why I’ve found myself sitting staring at the blinking cursor like some tweaked out gamer. Nothing! Well perhaps a little something. A liquid drip that strikes cold along my spine, low, threatening to cramp. The edgy burn along my nerves in stark contrast and IT whispering like a lovers breath; “Just one more. Light up, it always gets the creativity rolling.” At issue is IT is telling the truth. A cigar does get the creativity rolling along. But this is day eight of my cold turkey shoot. A Last Day of sorts. Not in the Logan’s Run sense, rather I have proved I can resist temptation and survive.  So while watching two Canadians kick butt in the UFC tonight I will once again light up.  It is my will alone that controls my addictions and I will learn to like that slimy dark drip of desire. Embrace it and make it keep me company while I prove I can to no one in particular.
         On the book front, Grey Redemption was afforded very good shelf position at the Langley Chapters store. Rather than place it in the back along with all the other military fiction, they placed it on the local interest shelf. Face out about calf level. It really struck a chord seeing it their. Not a name in lights kind of chord, but accomplishment. An end game of sorts, the road traveled and done, the ups and down forgotten like long past fights with lovers lost


  1. Third attempt here, as Microsoft sucks. Any word yet as to if and when there will be a public book signing?

  2. No not yet. Odd as everything is ready for it? Corporate chat back and forth with the added issue of US and Canadian Companies.

  3. Just found your blog thanks to your comment on the SiWC blog. I've attended off and on for years so like to keep up with all the news.

    Congrats on the release of Grey Redemption... I wish you much success with it.

    As for writer's block... I swear it's a conspiracy between our internal critic and the refrigerator door (or, in your case, maybe the cigar). They taunt us with false truths that suggest we need them for inspiration and will be blocked until we give in. In fact, I figure as long as we're still thinking of them it's our addiction that's interfering with our imagination. At least that's my not-so-humble opinion. :)

    Carol Garvin

  4. Hey Carol,
    I tend to agree with you re addictions,LOL. The SiWC is in my opinion one of the best. Been to a few now and nothing really holds a candle to the Author Access and off script classes!
    Hey Not waving. The official Chapters Book Signing was penned today, for August 6 2011 at the huge Langley Chapters.

  5. Good to see that an event is planned, as a few people had asked about it.