Sunday, 10 April 2011

As always no one is an island.

   So today finds me on the road sitting in familiar places. Last nights book signing went very well and the feedback was awesome. As I still couldn’t bring myself to do a reading out of Grey Redemption I did one from Footsie and from the shivers and looks I am thinking it is truly dark enough! One of the questions that was asked last night was how do you make the time to write on a schedule as well as run a “normal” life.  It kind of took me of guard, and off script, as I had to think about it.  I have an incredible team of three behind me for the day-to-day things. As an example on the drive to the airport from the funeral the other day Crystal and I started to hear a brake noise. Not a squeal but a grinding nasty sound and totally intermittent. We were rushing to the airport as we had stayed a little too late at the Connelly wake. I arrived about 30 minutes prior to the flight so a quick, but delicious, kiss by the trunk was all the time allowed. I dashed to check-in and thought about that stupid sound, wondering what it could be. Never once did I wonder about how Crystal would deal with it. Because she is a capable member of the team.  She is as much as I responsible for the creation of Grey Redemption. She allows my creative indulgences and scattered ideas and direction and keeps the Covey team on an even keel.  Now I did say three team members. The third is The Piker, he seems to know when I’ve written too long and with a bite to the nose reminds me to relax and play chase the cat.
   So I am less than 8 hours from being ‘feet wet’ on my way across the pond to London, thanks team for supporting dreams with patience, sacrifice, and as much hope as I have. It is easy to get caught up in your dreams. Harder, much harder for others to get caught up in them too. 

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