Monday, 4 April 2011

#GreyRedemption and London Calling

Well the planning and meeting appointments keep coming and I have to turn a few down. Time is a thief! But very positive stuff is being said about the book and I am quite enjoying the fact that people liked me not stopping at the bedroom door! Yes boys can have books with gratuitous sex in them as well.  So London Savoy here I come. On that point a statement for clarification. I did not receive any financial compensation for using Fairmont properties in my book. I used them, as they are where Rhys would stay. It was a character thing based on how Rhys views the world! They are expensive properties to be sure but from a security and value point of view they are ideal. But as he always stays in them he will no doubt get shot in one! Get ready for book two! Award winning properties collect clients because they exceed expectations. The Airport Fairmont in Vancouver received just such an award and is in Grey Redemption. The Savoy is another grand Fairmont managed hotel and I look forward to rolling like Rhys and being their guest for the duration of the London Book Fair. On that note I usually take the tube or Heathrow Express into town but with all the Riots and Eat the Rich sentiment being stuck on the subway or wandering around Paddington Station looking for a cab sporting a Rolex Pro Hunter and dragging around LV luggage seemed to be a bit of a dumb thing to do. So I booked an executive sedan from H5 into town. No fuss or Muss and Rolling like Rhys! Course with the two serious death threats leveled at me I may be channeling more of my Rhys character than is healthy! This blog gives a shooter a perfect Intel package.  Oh well a shot probably puts the book on the best sellers list! A good and fair trade. “Ain’t found a way to kill me yet.” (Layne Staley. Alice In Chains)

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