Saturday, 9 April 2011

Grey Redemption heading to London

   So, just a fast little Blog update. As you can see there are some similarities between Rhys Munroe’s Cat and my evil beast. Yes The Piker doesn’t like to see me pack to leave either! He also likes it when I get my dress shirts press folded and wrapped for travel. The paper makes an awesome noise when pounced on. So I always have to indulge him his game of killing mice hidden in wrapped shirts and continually chase him out of the case. Today is my last day in BC for a while. The crazy week begins with me saying goodbye to an adopted Dad, Mr. Ron Connelly. A visionary pilot and true entrepreneur, before they had the tag line for such things. Then it is off to Calgary for the second HB book signing with a bunch of awesome guys. Sunday is the big flight across the pond to London. I am not really sure of what to expect an odd thing for me as I usually try to stay ahead of the curve. But looking forward to the unknown! I will blog from London and keep you all in the loop!


  1. He just planted some catnip in your luggage; just wait until you hit customs. You know the drill...

  2. Lol Yeah they swabbed my bag and sent me to secondary! Evil creature