Sunday, 17 April 2011

Home and feeling normal again

So back from London. Back to reality and no shots fired. Ok first off for those thinking of flying across the pond for two days don't. Even with the first class over and biz class back it is by far too much of a trip. I was fine in London, sleeping six hours of an nine hour flight helped but coming home. Yuck. No sleep brought about by this torn hamstring even in full flat British air biz class took a toll. The snow in Calgary and security incident delayed my flight and made the connection very dicey. Got my first bad review too, found it online yesterday. I understand my style of writing isn't for everyone but the emotive quality of the review was a little over the top. Guess those take a little to get used to. Part of being an author is dealing with readers who feel like you let them down. Still it pulls on the emotions when something you worked so hard to create and make perfect gets dismissed. Agent says I shouldn't blog about these things and just focus on the many good reviews. But I see this blog in the same way as my very talented friend sees her bathroom mirror at 2 am. Reality hard honed and displayed for all to see. Honesty if you will. So I felt obligated to comment. After-all only one percent of people who purchase books comment in the review section. So to the one bad review I say sorry I will do better with the prequel. I promise. Although I am still having a hard time motivating myself to write Grey Dawn. The way I chose to write #Greyredemption was difficult so many details and forcing the reader into the character. The side project Footsie is so much easier writing. The fictional work about twenty five years inside a jail is looming too. Well focus has never been my strong suit. Guess I will leave one to the critics and the others to the malestorm
of severe ADHD and see what happens! Thanks for reading and your email and comments you have no idea how much they help!

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  1. A quick trip to London is a problem? Have you read my latest FB Note on his year's Mileage Runs?

  2. LOL! I don't do well confined and sober. Well lets face it I don't do well sober for that long confined is just added stress! You are the man when it comes to milage runs! Share your secrets over a stick at Nathan's!!