Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Feedback and Coments

Still sick with this stupid cold. Poor excuse for not blogging I know but really! I get sick for like two days and it is done. Nothing lives long in my booze filled veins! This one is a tough one. So the Google thing is fixed and #Grey Redemption is not out on the net for free. I did post to my Fan Page on Facebook so those that were a little tight could still read it for free. They fixed it and fired an intern, but I did get a bunch of feedback as a result! All of it was good, which was a surprise. I just kind of figured my style of writing would piss more people off.  Really can't come up with anything witty or sharp to say so perhaps a little more sharing. Someone asked me what was the best part of writing a book and I answered him privately but I will post the reply here in public. Having your favourite childhood author read it out loud and in character was magical! If I never see a dime for all the work it took to make it a reality, that was enough. Actually that was one of the best days of my life. Only two other days even come close.


  1. That's awesome, Scott! I have seriously_got_to get a Kindle. So many of my writer friends have books out now. But my pile of PB/HBs is taking over my house. Maybe I can convince the hubby it's a good bday present ;)

  2. Aven, A friend downloaded a copy to his Kindle well Kobo and I said well I can't really sign it here is an Art card for you. He laughed and said sign the KOBO! SO with my trusty Sharpie I signed the side of his reader! LOL! I should have got a picture and posted it! They work really well. my wife Crystal has one and I read a freebie Poe story on it! Very cool unit. Much bette than reading on an Iphone or Ipad! Sorry Mac you just don't rate on this one!
    On a side and exciting note my book is rated higher the Clancy's Red Rabbit on Amazon in Canada. Sure it has been out a while but it is Clancy for crying out loud! I love reading him!!! Feel like I have arrived. A little bloodied but unbowed! LOL!