Thursday, 24 March 2011

I was ready for the humbling feedback but...

Hey everyone,

   Still sick with this damn 30 day cold, but the scotch has taken the edge off a little and I feel like I can put some thoughts to cyber-paper. Watching the book slide up and down the Amazon Canada scale has been fun today. Seeing it over a Clancy bestseller was very cool. I have enjoyed a great deal of feedback and have enjoyed reading what many of you thought very much! I write differently and I really thought more people wouldn't like the style. I love the feedback I am getting, remember I wrote this to tell a fun story not to comment on the state of the world. It is what it is, the world that is! I am not trying to make moral comment. But do remember this is fiction. The veiled threats are really pretty lame and the outright death threats are in the same vein. I got my first death threat working 21 years ago by someone scary enough to be doing time for several life sentences. So it is all a little mundane. Grey Redemption is fiction, if you see yourself in its pages and don't like it,  change. Threatening the author is pretty useless. I don't really have the capacity to worry much about it. To that end I'll be in London under my own name at the Savoy Hotel on the 10 of April.  Pretty easy target, I'll be the well dressed fat guy with the fancy watch! Tactically speaking this nasty end would just create more of a media storm around the book. But hey, what do I know! I am just a writer telling a story that was never true....Right?
   Thanks you so much for the emails and comments and posts on facebook and twitter. I really love the fact that so many of you are having fun reading my story. Truly! I am humbled and happy you have enjoyed the ride as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hated editing it! Well to more accurate I hated fixing the errors the editors pointed out!

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