Saturday, 26 March 2011

Lazy Saturdays; where the hell did you go!

   I used to love Saturday morning, well my morning say around 11. Not that I am off every Saturday, shift work doesn't allow it. But on those sunny lazy Saturdays, I would get up and make my coffee. Then as C had her bath, The Piker (cat) and I would slip out onto the deck for a nice cigar to start the day and stain the oppressively bright blue sky. I could slowly catch up with the goings on in the world, reading tweets from celeb types or just those that are winning! Facebook provided its false sense of connectedness to people I haven't seen in a decade and, the news provided all the doom I needed. All was right with the world. 
   This Saturday I watched as Grey Redemption bounced up and down on Amazon. Comparable to the commodities market, watching a China Syndrome event. One of those things they should teach new authors is they can track book sales and popularity better and faster than the "in" table of any high school lunch room. Then the mundane checking to make sure all the websites are up and running, links working. Next is responding to emails, tweets, posts, and reviews. This is very rewarding, and fun to be honest. But, it is still very time consuming. I believe if someone took the time to write to me or comment, I am duty bound to write back. I really can't see that changing so I better learn to type faster! 
   Finally comes the plan, and the to do list. I have to go over everything that is on the radar and keep things on track in my head so I don't miss something vital. Like showing up in London without a Hardcover, passport, money...Sounds easy until you step into the maelstrom of ADHD that is my waking mind. Oh yes and don't forget to blog. 
   Onto the blog of what is really going on, and off the soapbox of my missed Saturday rituals. Press releases are being organized for the actual launch date for Grey Redemption. The big public release book signing will be at Chapters and most likely in Langley. Some issues being sorted out between the publisher and the conglomerate. I will be told when, where, and what manner of dress, and show up. Sounds very much like the military! London free time is filling up quickly. I really thought I would have a ton of time to do stuff but a few organizations have already booked time for meetings. One of them picks up stuff for screenplays! So excited but trying to keep perspective! 

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