Sunday, 6 March 2011

London Book Fair 2011

Things are moving along, perhaps too quickly but that's ok I can rise to the challenge. Made it into the London Book Fair and have a very special book signing arranged for the 9th of April. Deadlines still in front of me and none of them are in my control. As I said the other day, Courses on this stuff would be so helpful. Writing gripping scenes with great conversation and realistic interaction is awesome. Thank You Robert R. Macammon you do it better than most, and I loved your class. But really, the what happens next part of publishing is really ignored.  Anyway looking forward to London, it has been a few years old city. Staying at the Savoy Hotel as I know the area well and thought what would Rhys Munroe do? Fairmont as per usual. Course that habit will no doubt lead to an attempt on his life! So I guess with that the cat is out of the bag, Grey Dawn, the beginning of the Rhys Munroe trilogy is in the works. I am still going to work on Footsie, it is much easier writing and will be much lighter reading than the Grey series. Well as light as a foot fetish serial killer can be! LOL!

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