Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Vancouver, Calgary, London and then home

Two things happened this week that were very new. My author proofs finally made it out of the dungeons at CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) and into my hands. To be very honest I thought I was prepared for holding my book. I really see how people connect this with their baby or children.  I wasn’t. I tore the packing off like a five year old riding a cotton candy high on Christmas morning. I held it, and hefted it, and thought so this is what two years of work looks like in your hand. I was a little more than emotional and am not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye. I rolled around in my emotional state for a tenth of a second and then started paging through the book looking for the backward page or miss numbered chapter. I never found it. It was perfect and fresh and satisfied I broke its spine. That sharp, short, crack told me this one was mine. I read the Thank you page and was once again humbled at all the work others did to get this into my hand. Work done out of love and friendship. Yes that pulled me back down from my lofty Author Cloud.
            The Second thing that happened was I got my website up and working. Now I can quit ranting on my Facebook page about the book. I have a forum and people can go and check things out and read reviews, or submit reviews.   The address is  I have been asked why the D. So as blogs are supposed to be a sharing space I will tell all. A book of this magnitude needs a robust name and…Kidding! Scott Covey dot com was taken. By another Scott Covey who seems to be a great research scientist at UBC.  I cyber stalked him a bit. Come on he has my Name! I am the older one! It isn’t a common name either so, I am pretty sure he has stalked me too. LOL!
            To close today, I have a nasty cold and don’t feel much like writing. Special book signings are set for a launch party at the end of the Month. Another one is being held in Calgary on the Ninth of April the night before I fly to London for the London Book Fair. Very exciting times. 

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  1. So when are you and the other Scott Covey gonna hook up for some scotch and cigars?