Sunday, 6 March 2011

Just some Incorrect Thoughts

Ok, So blogs are supposed to generate some chatter, banter, and what have you. I realize my posts have basically been updates, with nothing really to reply to. Sorry I am just getting used to this and this blog thing doesn't allow me to spell check. So I actually have to be concerned with my spelling. Thanks Sis for catching a couple! You could have followed me...LOL! 
   In order to generate some discussion I figured Sexism is a good start. Why is when a man has to go buy socks the sizing chart is like;  "fits 7 to 13."  On the other hand when I have accompanied C on her shopping trips the damn thing looks like a periodic table of elements! I mean really? Surely to whatever (that's me being PC) we should have some equality in the hosiery department. If it fits a 13 foot it is doing the to the toes creep on my little 8 and a halves! 

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