Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Websites and Egos

So my website is up in test mode. Well it s up for the entire world to see really, but we have left the Meta tags out so the search bots can’t find it. Kind of like trying on underwear in the lobby window I know. But hey, this is I and it won’t get much better. Truth is it could get a lot worse! So my web designer is awesome. I love what he has done. Simple, clean, and informative.  But it is done in flash. So this means it cannot be viewed on an Iphone or Ipad.  Really!?  Seriously you sneaker wearing, black crew neck sweater adorned geek. I have supported APPLE since 1980! I had a metal case Apple 1 for crying out loud. Wrote my first story using Magic Words and saved it on a 5-inch floppy disk! So now because you and Adobe has some sort of issue I have to create two websites if I want Iphone users to be able to see my website? Seriously! I have defended Apple and Mac products for more than thirty years and for my loyalty….DICK! Get over it, I know Adobe has a little bloat and I know it has security holes but work it out! I already did not buy an Ipad for this reason, as have many of my friends. While I understand this may be an ego thing, and a little money issue. WORK IT OUT! You’re stepping on your collective junk here! Memories are all we leave when we check out of this world. Being able to say I won and Adobe lost seems like a lackluster memory for such a visionary. 


  1. I had a look at the website. Good job!

  2. You Mac fanbois always crack me up when you finally get pinched... ;)

  3. LOL! Jay, it was only a little pinch and made me break out the coding program and write a little HTML. The HTML site is a one page do everything site and is searchable under #GreyRedemption.com so I have two homes on the net. I could have written some slick code to auto detect and direct but simple is usually better. As for Apple, I think the fact Jobbs is sick is hampering his vision. But I am certain they will work it out. Too much not to!